17 Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made

Like a list of the “funniest” or “most fun” films, a list of the most disturbing films is going to be subjective. Everyone says that “Requiem for a Dream” is very disturbing, but to me it sounded like a screaming “don’t do drugs” advertisement. While I found the shark attack thriller Open Water positively haunting, everyone else tells me it’s boring. So I apologize in advance if you say, “This movie didn’t do anything for me.”

I have tried to cover a wide range of disturbing films, from candid, gore-soaked smut films to documentaries, as well as films that are mostly unsettling in their implications. If they all have one thing in common (well, most of them, anyway), it’s that they’re actually good . People think movies are disturbing because they “push the boundaries” of taste, but this is usually not shocking unless the movie works like a movie . All this worked for me. Leave your most disturbing movies in the comments so I can mix things up to watch this weekend.


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