15 Unbreakable Rules of Driving Etiquette, According to Lifehacker Readers

Earlier this week, I asked you about your unwritten rules of driving etiquette. After all, we could all be slightly better drivers . Out of almost 200 comments, three main themes emerged again and again:

1. Whether you think it’s speeding or overtaking, don’t hang around in the left lane.

2. Turn on your turn signal before turning .

3. Don’t be an asshole.

We hope that every driver understands and follows the written rules of the road, but obviously many of us would benefit from a refresher course. It’s mind-boggling how many other drivers on the road seem to think turn signals are an afterthought, or that the left lane is the perfect place to relax. (But not you. Your driving is perfect. I’m talking about everyone else.)

Now it’s time for us to tackle the third point – you know, not being a complete jerk to your fellow drivers. These are parts of driving wisdom that are definitely somewhere in the law, but in fact come down to common sense and elementary human decency. Buckle up and get ready for what Lifehacker readers have called the ultimate indestructible rules of driving etiquette.


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