17 Immutable Rules of Flight Etiquette, According to Lifehacker Readers

Last week I asked you about your unwritten flight rules. This was not a request for hot results, but an attempt to limit air travel regulations that should be common sense, but for some reason are not a given. After reading over 150 responses, I was forced to wonder if humans were ever really meant to fly.

There are some areas where I’m sure we’ll never reach a true consensus, such as whether you can recline your seat at all, take off your shoes, or take your baby with you. And as mandatory masks disappear and summer travel increases, I doubt we, as a society, will reach a point of unity anytime soon. However, the promise of a deeper understanding of what’s normal on the plane and at the airport does sound like an important step towards making air travel a lot less lame . (Next stop: make airlines less evil.)

Fasten Your Seat Belts: Here are Lifehacker readers’ unwritten rules for air travel.


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