9 Games You Can Play During the Day (and 3 You Can Play Over the Weekend)

Friends, I just finished a 140-hour walkthrough of the Elden Ring platinum trophy – the latest masterpiece from Dark Souls and Bloodborne -famous creator Hidetaka Miyazaki – and I’m tired . Squeezed. Exhausted.

I love a massive game that takes me weeks to complete. (I mean, I have a book about the history of JRPGs coming out soon; I have a long relationship with epic games). But sometimes I need something different. Something that grabs me for a day or two, gives me a complete experience after which I can get away from the feeling of satisfaction and recovery – and this is the game I need after Elden Ring. So, according to the How Long To Beat crowdsourced stats, I’ve put together 12 games that can be completed in less than 10 hours. I have broken them into two categories:

Afternoon games: less than 6 hours.

Weekend games: 6-10 hours to complete.

These games run the gamut from narrative-driven visual novels to intense action platformers, rhythmic roguelikes and challenging first-person puzzles. There is something here for every type of gamer who doesn’t have a lot of time. And hey, given their relatively little gaming experience, they’re also a great opportunity to explore outside of your wheelhouse.


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