10 Ways to Use Baby Powder That Don’t Apply to Your Baby

It is an unmistakable soothing fragrance with familiar notes that will take you back to your earliest memories. Baby powder (also called talcum powder) is a staple in a parent’s first aid kit. But did you know that its usefulness goes far beyond a child’s butt?

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Two key qualities of baby powder are its ability to absorb moisture and reduce friction. These properties mean that the product has many other options for tactful deployment. Here are 10 of the most helpful.

Remove sand from the beach

You can clean up after going to the beach instead of sucking by taking a bottle of baby powder with you. If you’re having trouble getting those pesky grains off your body, sprinkle some baby powder on the sandy areas and clean up like a whistle. Because baby powder absorbs moisture, causing the sand to stick to you, the sand will eventually shake off easily.

Freshen up your shoes

If you notice bad smells coming from your shoe closet, it’s time to add baby powder to the equation. Pour a little baby powder into each shoe and shake it around to spread it all over the sole, then leave it on overnight. Shake out any excess baby powder in the morning and any odors caused by sweat from your feet should be eliminated.

Use like a dry shampoo.

If you can’t shower but still want to freshen up, you can use baby powder as a dry shampoo. Apply a little to a comb or brush and spread over the scalp. Baby powder will soak up any grease or oil from your hair, leaving you with a tolerable, fresher scalp.

Relax playing cards

Don’t let sticky cards get between you and Gin Rummy. Fresh decks of playing cards tend to stick together. To get rid of this frustration, put the cards in a ziplock bag and some baby powder. After shaking the bag well, remove the cards and wipe off the excess powder. Now you can shuffle your deck of cards for your morning workout.

Cool your sheets

If you’re looking for ways to get over sleeping in the heat when you don’t have air conditioning , add this one to the list: Lightly sprinkle a tablespoon or two of baby powder on your sheets before jumping into bed to help the powder soak up moisture (read: sweat) throughout the night , saving you from waking up in a puddle of your own sweat. Of the minuses: a lot of laundry for washing.

Fix squeaky floors

If your floorboard makes a high-pitched sound with every step, sprinkle some baby powder on the problem areas and rub it into the seams. Filling these spaces lubricates the wood and prevents the floorboards from rubbing against each other. If you’re having trouble getting powder into tight spaces, use a plastic card (such as a credit card) to fill it in.

Use as emergency deodorant

You can’t ask to borrow someone else’s deodorant, but you can ask to borrow baby powder. If you find yourself having body odor issues and don’t have access to a shower or deodorant, apply some baby powder to your underarms. This will reduce the moisture in your armpits and freshen up your scent. It’s not as good as taking a shower, but it will be enough to keep you going until you can.

untangle jewelry

If you have a knot in a piece of jewelry that you can’t unfasten, take some baby powder, sprinkle some on the knot, and rub it in gently. This will lubricate the metal and should make it easier to separate between the different segments of the chain, allowing for untangling. After you’ve taken care of the knot, wash off the baby powder with a mild soap.

Remove grease stains

Grease splatter on clothes is one of the risks you face when frying food. Instead of pouting on stained clothes, take some baby powder, apply to the stain with a cotton swab or soft bristle brush, and rub in well. Leave on for 10 minutes, then gently shake off the powder. Repeat this until the stain is gone.

repel ants

Don’t try to figure it out, just accept it for what it is: Eric Sebring, Associate Certified Entomologist at Ehrlich Pest Control , says that “using talc or baby powder on places you’ve seen ants can scare them away.” from that area. Ants do not like to cross the powder and apply it to their body. It’s understandable that ants have an aversion to baby powder, but we don’t necessarily know why.” One of life’s greatest mysteries, I suppose.


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