You Can Talk to Apple Support Using Sign Language

For most people who encounter problems with Apple products, getting help is pretty simple: call Apple Support, describe your problem, and get it resolved. However, this is not necessarily an option for those with hearing problems. If that’s you, you may not know that you can use sign language to contact Apple for help: Apple SignTime’s free support service connects you directly to a sign language interpreter during a video call.

This is a boon for people with hearing impairments as Apple’s sign language interpreters are trained to understand technical terms and issues specific to the company’s products. This means you will spend less time trying to explain your problem so that the translator can get to the bottom of the problem faster.

What languages ​​does SignTime support?

At the time of writing, SignTime supports the following languages:

  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • French Sign Language (LSF)

How to use Sign Time

When you’re ready to speak with one of Apple’s sign language interpreters, visit the SignTime website for your region to get started. The sites are the following:

Click the blue ” Connect to Translator ” button to get started. The website will request access to your camera and microphone and will automatically connect you to an interpreter. Once you’ve described the problem to your translator, they’ll contact Apple Support with the information you provided. Your decisions will also be communicated to you in sign language.

How to meet Apple sign language interpreters in person

Apple also allows you to request a sign language interpreter when visiting one of their retail stores. To get started , visit the Apple Retail Store page to set up an appointment. Click on the page of the store you want to visit and scroll down to How can we help you? The last link should be “Request a Personal Sign Language Interpreter” . This link will allow you to email that Apple store to make a service request directly. You will be scheduled an appointment once they confirm the availability of an interpreter. According to the Apple website, a personal sign language interpreter will be provided to you free of charge. (Apple notes that you can also visit its stores and connect with sign language interpreters via video call.)


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