The 11 Worst “Practical” Advice Lifehackers Have Ever Received

I recently asked Lifehacker readers to share the worst advice you’ve ever received . Antilife hacks, if you will. From career advice to personal finance and all areas of your personal life, there is a lot of bad advice out there.

I read your comments where you shared all the reckless “wisdom” you received and your stories ranged from ridiculous to dangerous. We’ve all experienced painfully disastrous financial hacks, woefully outdated career advice, and frankly sad, sage marriage advice. (A prime example is ” Just find a girl you don’t like. Once you get married, you’re going to hate her anyway .”) Some common themes emerged: don’t take career advice from your grandparents; do not do business with your family; and don’t listen to medical “likes” from almost anyone.

Based on your comments, the good folks on Reddit , and my personal experience, here are 11 examples of terrible advice you’re better off ignoring. If you choose one thing from all of this, it’s that you should always carry a grain of salt (or a whole bunch of them) with you at all times.


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