8 Podcasts About Exciting Scams

Fraud is the zeitgeist right now, which means it’s showing up on podcasts everywhere, on shows from the biggest media companies to the tiniest independents. From the mysterious dudes who emerge from the wild to swindle an entire town in Chameleon: Wild Boys , to an entrepreneur swindling investors out of millions of dollars for false science in The Drop Out , each of these real-life stories is steeped in lies and deceit. I’ve put together recommendations for the best, most entertaining digital airtime scam podcasts right now. Catch up, follow, and then pick your jaw off the floor as you learn about the shocking ways that some truly manipulative people have been able to take advantage of the most vulnerable, depriving them of money, friendship, and trust. These shows reveal the essence of the underworld and introduce you to the kings and queens of scammers.


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