You Can Enable Cookies to Track You in Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the few browsers that offers both privacy and versatility . One such privacy feature automatically deletes any browsing data, including cookies and site data. This means you can leave a clean slate every time you sign out and restart Edge, making it harder for third-party cookies to track across sessions and devices. And it’s configurable.

To get started, click the three-dot Menu button on the toolbar and select Settings. In the sidebar, go to the ” Privacy, search and services ” section and find ” Choose what to clear every time you close your browser”.

Here, enable the data points you want to clear. You can choose between browsing history, download history, cookies, cached images, passwords, autofill data, and site permissions.

By selecting ” Cookies and other site data ” you will see a new ” Do not clear ” section. If there is a website where you need to store cookies, such as a website you use regularly for work, you can click the Add button and add the website as an exception here. Now, the next time you sign out of Microsoft Edge, it will automatically clear and delete any personal data you have selected.

Other Important Microsoft Edge Privacy Options

While you’re in the Settings section, you should spend some time improving the overall privacy and security of the app.

Under ” Privacy, search and services ” make sure ” Tracking prevention ” is enabled. Microsoft recommends the Balanced setting, but if you want to block most trackers and disable features like personalized ads, go for the Strict setting. However, when you do this, be aware that some websites may not work properly. If this happens, you can go back to Tracking Prevention > Exceptions > Add Site to add it to the whitelist.


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