Best Date Ideas for Friends Who Don’t Just Drink

Romantic dates can get all the attention, but maintaining friendships with adults deserves just as much love. And with dating apps like Bumble that rely on friendship-focused offshoots, the idea of ​​”dating a friend” is becoming more and more valuable. After all, making new friends as an adult isn’t always easy, but it’s possible.

Not only can you turn classic date night into friendship appointment times, but platonic dates also arguably have more wiggle room for what you can do. With friends old and new, you don’t have to work hard to be cool and attractive. Think about it: going camping with a new love interest means, at best, trying not to look out of shape and sweaty, and at worst, not getting killed in the woods. On the other hand, hiking with a friend means taking as many breaks as you need.

Maybe you are trying to meet someone new from work or Bumble BFF. Maybe you’ve lost touch with an old friend and need to rekindle the platonic flame. Whatever stage your friendship is in, here are a few date ideas to spend quality time together and maybe even make new friends.

Ideas for your next date with a friend

  • Bookstore Day. Support local businesses, find something new to read, and become each other’s maniacal pixie dream girls.
  • Cook dinner together. If you want to do it with a group of friends, make it a real meal.
  • Date night no dates. I’m talking about trendy clothes, a restaurant you’ve never been to together, and copious amounts of wine.
  • Go hiking. If you don’t live somewhere with an accessible trail, it might just be a pleasant, long walk together. Or you can spend a day on it and take a little trip out of town to escape into nature.
  • Local comedy show or open mic night. Either you’ll see a quality show, or a terrible talent will help you and your friend bond. This is especially useful for making new friends so you don’t have to talk all the time. It’s also great for old friends – the kind that you can just look into each other’s eyes to talk so much about what’s going on on stage.
  • Running/walking/biking club. Beyond the fitness aspect, this is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your community and appreciate the place where you live. Any group activity like this also helps relieve the pressure of dating a friend when you’re not sure you want to talk all the time.
  • Fitness classes. Similar to the previous one, but perhaps easier with yoga or Pilates. Don’t forget to eat or drink afterwards. similar.
  • Events “First date”. Movies, museums and cafes come to mind.
  • Pottery class. Or any class that will take you out of your comfort zone and try something new together.
  • Picnic. When the weather warms up, take advantage of a relaxing day in the park.
  • Lean shopping . More fun than your average retail or window shopping experience, try to find some of the wackiest things you can find at a garage sale or thrift store.
  • Play tourist. Maybe it’s a ghost tour, an iconic eatery, or a national landmark. Find the most touristy place in your city – extra points if you’ve never done it before.


The beauty of this friendship is that you don’t have to do anything special together – sometimes all you need is a beer and a few hours to talk. However, with old and new friends, consider spice it up. Just as dating helps keep your romantic relationship sparkling, you should make time for your platonic friendships as well.


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