Ten Sites Where You Can Find Free Stuff

Whoever said there is no free lunch was just looking badly. With inflation still at its highest level in four decades, many Americans are doing everything they can to cut their budgets, and one of the best ways to save money is not to spend it at all.

You will say that I don’t want to spend money , but companies don’t just give away free stuff! Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong. There are definitely places that give away free stuff. Some of them you might even want! Here are 10 websites you can check out if you need things but don’t want to pay for them.

The Best Sites to Find Free Stuff and Gifts

Just free stuff . Launched in 1997, Just Free Stuff has been providing people with free services for nearly 25 years. The site connects consumers with companies that are willing to give away their product in the hope of finding a new loyal customer. Gift categories include clothes, books, children’s accessories and more. In addition, Just Free Stuff often runs competitions for premium products ranging from an old-fashioned ice cream maker to family vacations in Colorado . Using the site won’t even cost you your contact information (unless you choose to subscribe to their newsletter).

Facebook marketplace . The site, which has been accused of destroying democracy worldwide, is also a place where you can claim someone’s unwanted bike. Facebook Marketplace launched as a feature in 2016. Review your local listings of furniture or electronics available for pickup. It takes luck and diligence, but you might get something good this way.

Buy project “Nothing” . If you search for the name of your city or area on Facebook, you’ll likely find your local chapter of Buy Nothing, an organization that aims to bring communities together to reduce waste and save people money. Anyone with something to donate can post a message (usually with a photo of the item) and all you have to do to claim it is ask for it and arrange to receive it. Depending on where you live and how active your group is, you can get some really awesome stuff, from an entire wardrobe for your little one to a bed frame (some people might also try to give away things like an open box of crackers; all sorts). If you are not registered with Facebook, the organization is doing its best to log out of the social network and recently launched its own application for iOS and Android .

freebies.com . Freebies.com is a website that hosts daily sweepstakes and contests. You need to create an account with your email address in order to earn “ballots”, each of which is essentially one chance to win a draw; additional ballots can be earned by completing surveys and taking part in quizzes. If you are lucky enough to win one or two draws, you may be inducted into the Freebies.com Members Hall of Fame .

GoodReads . If you want to become more well-read and spend nothing on it, this Amazon subsidiary offers frequent chances to get free books, both physical and digital copies. Check their giveaway tab periodically for suggested titles; usually entering a chance to win involves little more than pressing a button.

Crazy Coupon Lady . The Krazy Coupon Lady, created by Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, is an established giveaway site that has been featured on The Today Show and TLC. While its stated goal is to help people lower their grocery bills, the website also offers an impressive “freebie” tab. Subscribe to their newsletter to access and learn how to get free food, beauty products, and pharmaceutical products.

r / freebie . Created in 2008 as a place to connect users to free products, this Reddit community has over 800,000 members. Frequent freebies listed on the subreddit include shirts, magazines, stickers, and food. This is a well-moderated community, so you can be sure that any posts that circulate have been verified. (Tip: Click the Top tab and then click All Time to see the most popular freebies.)

I love free stuff . Founded in 2006, I Love Free Things has been developing a catalog of free gifts for nearly two decades, including free food, baby products, and pet products. Subscribe to their newsletter if you like, but it’s not necessary to access their free catalog.

Craigslist . Craigslist is Meryl Streep’s free stuff; it has always existed, and no one doubts its usefulness. The only limit to what you’ll find for free online classifieds is what someone else is willing to give and how much you’re willing to go through to get it. Using their location feature, you can see what people in your area are trying to get rid of.

Penny keeper . The Penny Hoarder caters to an underserved demographic on the internet: people who want as much free stuff as possible on their birthday. Using their handy list of free birthday gifts, you can get 101 free offers to celebrate the completion of your journey around the sun. While most of these gifts are food related, you can also cash in on things like free movie rentals at RedBox .


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