May Fourth, Rex Manning Day and 10 Other Fictional Film and TV Holidays

Like so much in modern pop culture, it all started with Star Wars . The clever pun associated with Margaret Thatcher (read on) has gradually become the subject of a fictional holiday, which is now celebrated no less passionately than many “real” holidays – for example, Labor Day, in fact, sales turn people on. Run. Celebrating the acquisition of the Star Wars franchise (and its associated money printing license) just a few months earlier, Disney launched its first Star Wars Day back in 2013, kicking off a new celebration that brought together content-hungry kids. and discounts. from U.S. May Fourth, we are all Jedi.

Just a couple of years later, Back to the Future caught up with the future made famous in the second film, prompting Universal to try and have a day of its own. Initiated by the studio or fans, celebrations large and small of movie and show commemorations have followed suit. Some of these days are more “official” and widely celebrated than others. But in the end, they are all 100% fictional. You know how Christmas is.


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