Everything New in Firefox 100 for PC and Mobile

Mozilla just released Firefox version 100 , and there are several new features marking the browser’s major update, including new accessibility options, easier payments, enhanced browsing security, and more. The features are split between the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox, so we’ll cover them in separate sections.

New features in Firefox 100 for PC

On the desktop, Firefox 100’s highlighting features increase the browser’s accessibility.

First, video subtitles will now be displayed when viewed in Picture-in-Picture mode. At startup, Firefox supports PIP subtitles for YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Twitter, and Coursera videos, as well as any other website that uses the WebVTT video format.

Further support for additional streaming services is planned, and Mozilla is asking users to vote on the platforms they want Firefox to add next . To use PIP subtitles, enable subtitles in the video playback controls, then click the prompt to enable PIP mode in Firefox.

Another desktop accessibility feature is the new language switcher prompt on first run. Now, when you launch Firefox, the browser will check your device’s current default language settings and ask if you want to switch if it notices that its own settings are different. This process happens automatically, but you can always change Firefox’s language settings in Settings > General > Language & Appearance .

Along with these changes, Firefox 100 is also expanding support for autofilling saved payment information for users outside of North America to include the UK, France, and Germany.

All of these new Firefox features are now available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Open Firefox, go to Settings > General and scroll down to Firefox Updates , then click Check for Updates to get started, or download the latest install here .

New features in Firefox for mobile

For Android users, Firefox 100’s main addition is the new HTTPS-only browsing mode. HTTPS is a more secure connection than standard HTTP browsing and is much safer to use, and Firefox will now automatically connect over these more secure connections when possible.

Other changes in Firefox for mobile are new browser wallpapers for iOS and Android that you can enable in the app’s settings menu, as well as more streamlined and easier management of browsing history and tab switching screens. The changes include removing or merging duplicate entries from your browsing history and moving open tabs that haven’t been viewed in more than 14 days to a new section of inactive tabs.

The new features of the Firefox app are now available for Android users, and iOS users should receive an update later this week.


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