Five Things in Your Home You Probably Need to Replace Right Now

Even if it is important for you to keep your house clean, there are many things to keep in mind. There’s the obvious: taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming—let any of it slide off and you’ll feel the impact almost immediately. But they’re also so conspicuous that it’s easy (or at least easier) to keep up with them. In addition, there are less frequent, but no less important tasks, such as changing sponges and cleaning the refrigerator .

But what about items in your home that you should pay attention to but forget about because you don’t have to clean or replace them very often? If you really want to turn your abode into an oasis of cleanliness, here are four items you should check out – you probably need to clean or replace them right now.

Lint catcher for your dryer

I’m sure you check your dryer’s lint catcher every time you use it, but when was the last time you cleaned it well? If you notice that your clothes take a lot longer to dry than before, you may have just found the culprit: remove the lint trap and inspect its mesh for buildup of fabric softener or other materials . Soak it in hot water and scrub it with a soft bristled brush to get the air circulating again. If your lint catcher is damaged, you should replace it or you risk lint getting inside your dryer – a much more difficult problem to solve.

your shower curtain

How long has it been since you last changed your shower insert? Did you know that these things can accumulate more bacteria than a toilet seat ? Experts say you should wash your shower liner every month, especially if it’s made from a fabric that’s more resistant to mold and mildew, and replace it about once a year. (Don’t be fooled by claims that your vinyl curtain is “mildew resistant” – it really isn’t.)

Your drying mat

Like shower curtain liners, drying rugs are easy to forget and are equally prone to mold/fungus growth. You should change your drying cloths once or twice a week —they’re usually strong enough to be washed and reused, but they do need to be laundered. (While you’re at it, clean the grate itself every week .)

your pillows

It is the last thing you touch before falling asleep and the first thing you touch when you wake up. Your pillows naturally accumulate oils, dirt and sweat from daily use, most of which will be eliminated if you toss your pillowcases in the wash (please tell me you wash your pillowcases). But it’s still a good idea to change the pillows themselves every one to two years so you always have a (relatively) clean, supportive, and comfortable place to rest at night.

Your toilet seat

The idea of ​​replacing a toilet seat never crossed my mind, but according to , they need to be replaced every five to seven years. A little more and they can crack, slip every time you sit down, or start to accumulate weird orange mineral stains that you can’t scrub off , especially if you live in an area with hard water .


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