It’s the Only Proper Way to Serve Mom Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day.

“Breakfast in bed” is a magical concept and traditionally considered the right way to serve breakfast to mom on Mother’s Day, but runny egg yolks, puddles of syrup, and cutlery of any kind add a certain amount of stress and awkwardness. something to relax. And relaxing on Mother’s Day, more than any other day of the year, is the way to go.

By freeing mom from her bed, any breakfast will be easier to eat, but if your kids insist on serving their mother in her bedroom, have the decency to serve her a breakfast board.

The breakfast board should be easy to eat, doesn’t need to be sliced ​​or forked (although it can be dipped and spread a little), and Mom should be able to eat each ingredient in one or two bites. (When in doubt, cut something up and put it on toothpicks.) It will greatly reduce stress if she eats breakfast in bed, but the breakfast board can be served anywhere in the house (or in the yard) – that’s the beauty of the breakfast board; rides well.

Your breakfast board should also be pleasing to the eye, because the mom in your life deserves to eat delicious food. What exactly will be on the board is up to you, but I have a few suggestions. Feel free to mix and match any of the options below or come up with your own concept.

  • Bagels and Salmon: Mini bagels (or large bagels cut into quarters), cream cheese, salmon, capers, and some thinly sliced ​​red onion are a must. Add a white fish salad if you really want to impress. (This is the one I’ll be making for my mom and she’s pumped up.)
  • Pancake Board: Mini pancakes with maple butter (for dipping), whipped cream (for modeling), and fresh fruit (for your health). Mini chocolate chips and candied pecans (for sprinkling on top of whipped cream) are a good idea.
  • Waffle Board: Mini waffles (make your own or buy tiny eggs) with everything on the pancake board. Perhaps a few pieces of bacon or sausages, pre-cut and skewered with toothpicks.
  • Jam Board: This is for moms who love fruit spreads. Get a bunch of carbs (toast, scones, mini croissants) and a bunch of different jams, jellies and preserves. You can even get a small sampler set from Bonne Maman. In addition to fruits, you can fill the board with spicy, crumbly cheeses, whipped cream, cured meats or pate, and very good butter.
  • Bacon and Egg Board: This is essentially the breakfast version of the egg board without the devil . Boil a few eggs until the yolks are firm with a golden liquid in the center, then cut them in half and surround them with butter, sliced ​​radishes and blanched asparagus tips, crispy bacon bits, caviar, really good mayonnaise, and maybe some cured ham (Kentucky style). prosciutto and jamobe iberico are fine). Top it off with toast and a spread of cheese and pepper.
  • The usual damn board with cheese and sausages: I’m not a mother, but I know a few, and they are all big fans of salted meats and cheeses . Make sure you provide a variety of both. For cheese, I usually use something hard, something soft, and something fun; with the meat, I’ll make something cured, something spread (like pâté or terrine), and a really fancy salami (just remember to cut it first). Throw in some mustard, dried fruit, pickles, and really good crackers and you have a very attractive board.
  • Butter Board: Some moms don’t need a hearty breakfast of meat, cheese, and eggs; some moms just want carbs and oils, and they should get what they want. If that sounds like your mom, make a butter board , complete with very good bread (and potato chips ) and as many compound butters as you can make.

Serve the board to your mom in bed, on the patio, or on the couch so she can look up her stories. It’s up to her to choose drinks, but it’s hard to go wrong with momosa .


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