11 Easy Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life, According to Lifehacker Readers

Last week, I asked Lifehacker readers to share the little things that make a big difference in the bedroom. I’m not talking about wild feats of flexibility or breaking barriers with new kinks – I wanted to hear your wisdom when it comes to dirty talk without feeling awkward , the power of a well-padded pillow, or the simple flexibility that comes with stretching. in advance. After all, as shown in this Reddit thread , the best sex tips often come down to seemingly small, effortless hacks.

In order for this crowdsourcing to work, I have officially given each of you the right to doubt that you are a god in bed. And now I feel justified for this leap of faith (no offense) because you guys made it. Also, many of you don’t believe in the concept of TMI. I took a close look at your sex advice, big and small, filtering out those that were questionable or outright unethical. (No, I will not support the “hack” of “taking a mistress.”)

The first step to improving your sex life is to recognize that there is room for improvement. Try to think: isn’t it time to revive the situation? Overcome some barriers in communication? Gain confidence, quit your hangups and, well, fuck? Without further ado, here are the best sex tips provided by astute Lifehacker readers.


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