15 Easiest Perennials to Grow

Gardening can be demoralizing if, after a few hours of sweaty work, your results become lackluster and your plants are destroyed by insects or eaten by deer. It is worse when the flowers you managed to make bloom do not appear again next year. That’s why perennials are so important to any flower garden – because they’re not “one-off” wonders, but rather a hard-working and solid foundation for your garden. Perennials return year after year, providing color, cover and inspiration. If you’re losing the will to garden, the answer may be to recalibrate: choose a list of simple perennials that don’t require advanced gardening skills, can withstand any sort of neglect and abuse, and still provide your annual dose of color and joy.

Note that not all perennials grow enthusiastically in every region, so check your growing area before uploading a bunch of plants that will absolutely hate your local climate. And keep in mind that while you can literally plant a perennial at any time, it’s always best to plant it in the fall and spring, when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. Finally, not all perennials are the same. Some require more maintenance than others. Here are some examples of hardy perennials that even brown-fingered people can easily enjoy.


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