10 Extremely Niche Theme Parks to Visit

I love a good theme park. Take a lot of things that people love but can’t easily replicate on their own (huge rides, disgustingly delicious junk food, and bored teenagers in fancy costumes) and put it all in one place for easy fun – what’s not to like? Especially since theme parks, once owned by kids and slightly bored parents, are increasingly catering to the whole family in recent years, so you can enjoy them as an adult without the stigma.

On the other hand, visiting a theme park can be quite common. You’ll find many of the same basic concepts in almost every one of them, from roller coasters to water slides to spinning cups. If your interests go beyond Disney, thrill rides, and standing in long lines, a typical theme park might leave you a bit chilly.

But there are more theme parks in heaven and earth than you ever dreamed of, so if you’re looking for an experience that suits your particular interests, you might be in luck. Here are the top 10 niche theme parks you can visit.


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