One Extra Thing You Should Always Buy From McDonald’s

People tend to use meal planning as an attempt to gain control over their diet and budget. They usually have a goal to “eat better” and “stop buying takeout.” This is almost never my goal when it comes to meal planning (or anything else). My goal is always to do less and have more fun, so ordering extra (or “bonus”) cheeseburgers from McDonald’s is my way of planning meals.

I’m not the only beautiful woman who does this. Chrissy Teigen also orders McDonald’s cheeseburgers “in bulk” and then reheats them in the microwave whenever she feels like it. Our methods of reheating are strikingly similar—we just put them in the microwave, wrap them up and everything, except she reheats hers for 35 seconds, and I for 45. They are almost indistinguishable from cheeseburgers just bought in the car. The cheese melts, the bun becomes soft – it’s everything you could want from a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

This works with McMuffins too, although 45 seconds is too aggressive for a tender egg puck. Start at 30, then nuke for another five seconds if necessary. As with the hamburger, the McMuffin will more or less return to its factory settings: the cheese melts beautifully, the meat sizzles, the egg evaporates, and the muffin regains its soft, tender beauty.

How about french fries and hash browns? They reheat quite well in the deep fryer , although not as pretty as microwave sandwiches. Unfortunately, McDonald’s Fizzy Diet Coke, the top-tier Diet Coke, is not stocked. (Although you should definitely grab a couple extra McDonald’s straws if you have the chance; their extra-wide straws are what makes Mickey D’s soda read “extra fizzy”. The more space for the straws, the more bubbles. It’s science. .)


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