How to Use the Hidden “reset” Feature of Your AirPods When They Refuse to Cooperate

When most of the technology in your life fails – be it your computer, phone, game console, whatever you have – simply turning the device off and on again works wonders. Technology loves reset! However, not all of our items have a switch. For example, AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones don’t have an obvious way to do a hard reset. But if your AirPods aren’t working properly, you can use this hidden trick to get them back up and running.

Now, you usually don’t have to worry about hard resetting your Bluetooth headphones. Sometimes, when something goes wrong, just unplugging and restoring AirPods on your iPhone is enough to put everything back where it belongs. This is how I have solved most AirPods connection issues in the past.

However, one pairing cycle is not enough to solve all problems. Sometimes your device still cannot find your AirPods; other times, your AirPods keep turning off. It’s a pain in the ass, especially when all you want to do is listen to music or a movie without disturbing those around you.

How to reset AirPods, Beats and other Bluetooth headphones

Let’s look at AirPods. To perform a hard reset, first disconnect your AirPods from your device. On an iPhone or iPad, go to Bluetooth settings, tap (i) next to your AirPods, scroll down and select ” Forget this device ” then ” Forget device ” in the pop-up window. On a Mac, go to Bluetooth in System Preferences, right-click AirPods, and choose Uninstall .

Now put your AirPods back into the charging case. Hold the button on the case while keeping the lid open for about 15 seconds. You should notice that the indicator turns yellow and blinks three times. Release the button and the light will turn white, indicating the AirPods are ready to pair again.

You can expect the same from Beats headphones; disconnect Beats from your device, place Beats in the case and hold the button for 15 seconds or until the indicator turns red.

On the other hand, AirPods Max require a slightly different approach. You still unplug your headphones as usual, but instead of holding down one button for 15 seconds, hold down the Digital Crown and the noise control buttons at the same time for 15 seconds until the LED flashes amber.

You can also try this method with other headphones and Bluetooth headphones; however, be aware that this may not be the true standard. These are all Apple-made headphones, after all, so some companies may take a different approach with their devices. If you are not successful in resetting your particular device in this way, please do a focused search on how to reset your specific Bluetooth headphone model.


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