Come on Be a Cuckold

“Cuck” remains a common slur these days, although its derogatory use peaked in 2016 or so. It is one of those words that has lost its meaning and is now used whenever a person wants to convey that someone else is in some way “beta” – secondary to or indebted to something or someone. But what if you really want to be a cuckold ? Many people.

What is a chrysalis?

Let’s just get the real definition out of the way: “cuckold” is short for “cuckold,” which good old Merriam-Webster defines as “a man whose wife has sex with someone else.” The second definition given is “a man whose wife commits adultery.”

No wonder so many people learn about cuckolding through porn—there’s a whole sub-genre in which a man watches his wife be with another man (or multiple men). However, the thing is, cuckolding is something people are into, and it’s often a lifestyle choice like any other. In a way, it’s like an open relationship. Self-proclaimed cuckolds are people who follow a plan and enjoy the knowledge that their partner is sleeping with someone else. So, is this considered “adultery”? If you want technical information about it, sure, but it’s not as nefarious as it sounds because of the negative connotations of the word.

So, is being a cuckold somehow bad?

Being cheated on in a monogamous relationship is usually seen as a bad thing. Perhaps this is where the cuckold got a bad rap; people who are not into it may not be able to understand why the other person is into it. But as long as the people in the agreement agree, no, it’s not bad. There is rarely anything objectively bad in a consensual relationship. It all depends on the specifics of the situation.

On Reddit, a subreddit dedicated to cuckolds and their hot wives — a term given to women who sleep with other partners at the behest of their primary partner — has 817,000 members. They post graphic photos and meeting details. They seem to really enjoy it, just like anyone with a fetish or unique sexual interest enjoys their special thing, whatever it is. It’s not bad.

Yes, this word is used as an insult, especially popular in right-wing circles, but that does not mean that it is bad. Consider how and why it became an insult in the first place: the notion that a man being humiliated—even intentionally—by a wife who has sex with someone else is objectively bad is based on outdated notions about gender and relationship dynamics. (That all these outdated concepts are part of the attraction for those who get involved just goes to show how tricky kinks can be.)

So if you’re into it, go for it. Fight against patriarchy! Be a cuckold!

No, seriously, if you want to be a cuckold, do it.

Okay, you don’t really hold a high moral or philosophical position if you do what you want in bed, but in a way you do. It takes courage to pursue your own pleasure, especially when it takes the form of something that is often ridiculed in the mainstream.

To put it simply, if you want to cuckold, do it, damn it. Just be safe. Talk to your partner often about your wants and needs. Make sure the bull – or the man who has sex with a partner – has recently been tested for STDs, and get yourself tested too.

You also don’t have to be one of the 817,000 Reddit users who post about it. This can be a personal matter for you and your partner – and, of course, for a willing third party. If you don’t want to get down to business and declare yourself in public, don’t do it. But don’t let the negative associations around the word bother you if you want to live this lifestyle. Life is too short for that, you bastard.


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