25 Movies That Will Make You Cry Ugly

It’s GARDEN season, kids, and this is no joke. I’m talking, of course, about seasonal affective disorder, that depressive disorder that has to do with the changing seasons. Causes and risk factors remain a bit of a mystery, but it’s real, and it can be really debilitating for your mental health. If you’re struggling with SAD, it’s worth seeking treatment from, but even if you’re still fully functional, those of us dealing with this sort of thing are all in our feelings right now – the coldest, darkest days of winter. especially tough. And this is by no means a clinical recommendation, but I believe that crying often is the best way to feel better, and sad movies (as opposed to sad movies) are great for crying.

Some films honestly earn them tears, while others are more manipulative – those that are sometimes disparagingly called tear-jerkers. However, I’m not sure how important this is: many of us are naturally suspicious of the entertainment that drives us, but as with a good scary jump or an exciting action sequence, there is skill and art to tug at our emotional strings. Just thinking about some of these 25 films, which are enough to make all but the most hard-hearted weep in horror, makes me feel hazy. Not embarrassed.


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