What Would You Like to Know Before Getting Your Own Pet?

Even the most dedicated animal lover will tell you that every pet adoption comes with unexpected challenges and lessons. For example, my roommate shares custody of a hamster with her boyfriend; I wish she knew more about how much hamsters love to make themselves dizzy on wheels all night. Another friend of mine found out about the high vet costs for her dog. By “the hard way,” I mean her collie got sick after trying to eat a rat on the subway. From finances to time to emotional attachments, you can’t predict every investment that comes with a new pet in your life.

I turn to you, dear readers of Lifehacker, for all the wisdom that you would like to acquire before getting a new pet into your home. Have you adopted a pet during quarantine and are now struggling with a decision? How do you know if you are ready to devote yourself to a creation that will rely on you for everything? Did you accidentally make your roommate find out that she kind of hates hamsters?

Please tell us all your amazing tips, horror stories and heartwarming stories about adopting your Furry. (I didn’t enjoy typing the word “furbaby” any more than you enjoyed reading it.) You need to insure your child’s hedgehog. With your insight, we can compile a list of essential questions people should ask themselves before adopting a pet—questions that are in the interest of both the adopter and the adoptee. And if you have photos of dogs that you want to share, I will not refuse.


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