12 Reasons to Buy a Wii U in 2022

If you were to ask someone at Nintendo about the Wii U, they would most likely say, “Wii U? Which Wei Yu? Making a switch it will be 350 dollars.” If it was up to the company, the world would have completely forgotten about this failure of the console. After all, the Switch prints money, and the Wii U failed, right? Commercially, of course. But in many other ways, the Wii U remains the greatest system in Nintendo history, and you should buy it.

Look, the Wii U may not have sold well and may not live up to many of its original promises, but it doesn’t deserve to be swept under the rug. Wii U was Nintendo’s first true HD immersion, allowing so many beloved characters and brands to shine on today’s TVs. The GamePad, love it or hate it, is an impressive technology capable of both mirroring what’s on your TV and displaying a completely unique video stream.

Terrible marketing decisions by Nintendo ( too many people thought the Wii U was just a Wii accessory) coupled with a lack of ongoing support from developers, doomed the Wii U. The Switch is now five years old, so it might seem like the Wii U is best left as a fond memory.

But this console deserves not only to be remembered, but also to be played . Wii U is not Virtual Boy; it’s a great system that has plenty of reasons to exist even in 2022.


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