Use This App to Solve Apple’s Biggest Reminder Problem

The Reminders app continues to grow. With the latest iOS 15 update, you now have access to tags and smart lists , allowing you to use it as a movie tracker or reading lists .

Reminders is also now turning into a capable task management app, so much so that you probably don’t need third-party solutions like Todoist or TickTick. Reminders is free, works with Siri, and comes by default on all your Apple devices.

But Reminders has one glaring problem: while the app does a great job of managing tasks, it sucks when it comes to adding reminders. You have to select a list and hit the Plus button to write down the task, and even so, adding details like notes, due dates, and times is a chore.

However, Remind Me Faster is a great solution to the problem. This is a simple free app that has only one purpose – to get your thoughts into the Reminders app as quickly as possible.

The app opens with the keyboard ready to go and the default list is already selected (but you can change it using the dropdown in the top left corner).

Write a reminder, add a note, select a time if you like (it has preset dates and times), and hit the send button. In a second, the reminder will be added to the list of your choice with all the relevant information.

The application also allows you to create tasks with a due date without specifying a time. Swipe up on the due date section to switch to day view. In the app settings, you can also create preset locations to quickly add a location reminder for a task. Just tap the dot icon next to a location to switch between the three priority modes.

However, as fast as the app is, it misses a couple of things. There is no real natural language processing support for adding dates. You also can’t add hashtags or photos to a reminder.

But if you use the Reminders app a lot, you should leave the Remind Me Faster app in the dock or on the first screen of your iPhone. For a while, try using only this application to record all your reminders. Once you do this, you will notice that fewer and fewer tasks slip through your mind.


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