12 Best Satirical Movies That Don’t “look Up”

Netflix’s new movie Don’t Look Up has garnered several … strong responses from critics and social media. The rapidly changing zeitgeist has shifted from its initial assessment (“This is bad!”) To more measured takes praising the film’s unique merits, to hyperbolic promises that it will be a tipping point in the climate movement (doubtful), and vice versa. to the beginning (“No, actually bad”). But even if Don’t Look Up is not destined to become a classic, it’s true that satire doesn’t always land right away. Sometimes we are too close to this to see how effective it is.

A good satire, like the movie itself, is timeless, and it’s rarely a bad idea to revisit some of the genre’s classics. The greatest satyrs not only talked about their time, but also looked to the future – they deliberately hoped to save us from a dangerous path. Because we rarely, if ever, heed well-meaning warnings, these films live much longer than their original releases.


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