10 Best Long-Awaited Sequels That Are Not “resurrection of the Matrix”

Without diving too deeply into the divided responses to Lana Wachowski’s Matrix Resurrections , it’s clear that later sequels are becoming increasingly the norm. If a once popular property can be revived, so it will be if there is at least one active member left (although technology, I believe, makes even this consideration increasingly irrelevant). It took Matrix 4 18 years to hit the screen – a long time for a sequel to appear, but not the longest. This is also the case when a series that has been well and truly done gets a revival, necessary or otherwise.

The fifth film, Scream (titled, confusingly, Scream ), is due in theaters over the next month, with just 11 years between sequels. The Slasher franchises are known to be hard to kill, so it’s less surprising, although the series was previously the preserve of director Wes Craven. The director’s death in 2015 means that this is the first Scream movie in which he did not participate. Whether that will mean the film will be a complete reimagining or a tribute remains to be seen. Both modes can work.

It’s tempting to speculate on what comes next, but I’m guessing we’ll continue to see more direct sequels and slightly fewer reboots … neither style is inherently better than the other, but the sequels contain a little more concentrated nostalgic punch ( Ghostbusters: Afterlife life ‘ really didn’t do well than the 2016 reboot, but definitely caused a lot less shit). Here are some recent, highly anticipated (or not) sequels that have worked.


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