Security Tools You Really Should Keep in Your Car but Probably Not

Having what you need to respond to an emergency is important, but tools to prevent an emergency from occurring are equally important. We’re going to cover both a little bit: here are some of the often forgotten essentials to help keep your car and passengers as safe as possible when you’re on the road.

Get a blind spot mirror

You can add a small convex mirror to the driver’s existing side mirror, which provides a wider field of view when changing lanes. They are also easy to install and very inexpensive, so it is definitely worth investing the time and money to prevent accidents.

Keep your tire pressure measuring instruments in the trunk

Checking your tire pressures regularly can help you improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and ability to drive efficiently, as well as avoid tire flattening. A portable tire pump with built-in pressure gauge is a good choice. You can also purchase roadside combo kits with rechargeable and replaceable batteries that come with bright flashlights. These kits will work, too, and the batteries will work with other compatible tools – just make sure you don’t forget to charge the battery.

Buy a rechargeable battery

A portable rechargeable battery is a great tool to have on hand. These devices used to be quite bulky, but now they are becoming more compact, so it’s not difficult to just charge them and get them ready to go whenever you need to. You can also get a 4-in-1 tool that will charge your battery, read your tire pressures, inflate your tires, and have a built-in work light. They are a little more expensive, but worth the money for more features in one tool.

Always have flares, lights, or other signals.

In the event of an accident, the presence of flares, lanterns and other signals can be important to your safety while you wait for help. You can use these disposable lights , which will last for about 15 minutes, or you can purchase multiple rechargeable super-bright LED signal lights that can be used more than once. I hope you never have to use them, but just in case, having a light source is a good idea.

Another useful tool is the reflective flag, which you can use to signal other drivers if you are carrying more than your vehicle’s specifications. It can also help prevent accidents and make transporting larger items safer.

Keep your seatbelt knife and window switch with you.

If you do find yourself in a situation that calls for an escape, you need a harness knife / window switch combo. There are many on the market, but remember that in an emergency you will want the tool to be within reach. There are combined tools such as keychains , which can be within reach at the time of failure.

Several safety warnings

This is not an exhaustive list of everything you might need in any emergency, but it can help you think through what you might need to keep your vehicle safe. Every driver and every vehicle is different, so the best safety tool is your best solution. For more safety information and advice on the best roadside kits, you can contact your local traffic authority.


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