Do You Need a Double Height Monitor?

This week LG announced a new monitor with an unusual look that could create a new segment of the monitor market. Or it could be a useless relic that no one will ever use. In any case, the LG DualUp is unique: it is twice as tall and offers a 16:18 aspect ratio. You can use it as a pair of 21.5-inch widescreen monitors stacked on top of each other, or as one giant square screen.

The company targets home office workers, touting its new monitor as “a multi-tasking tool perfect for all kinds of tasks like content creation and coding,” and points to the benefit of reducing “head-to-side head movements, which is a major factor. cause of neck pain. “

I don’t like the ergonomics – do people really turn their heads from screen to screen so often that it causes neck pain? – but for some purposes it seems like a good choice. I love that the shape frees up space on the table and that the stand is pressed against the table to avoid a high center of gravity. But as a professional blogger, this monitor will give me a little professional edge (other than being able to say, “I bet you haven’t seen a monitor like this – my neck doesn’t hurt at all !” Anyone foolish enough to walk into my home office).

I started it with David Schneider, the home video editor for Fender Musical Instruments Corp., because the guy in the promo photo is clearly spending New Years editing a video called “Lonely Recipes: Salmon for One,” listening to the world’s smallest radio.

“My first impulse would be to say that such a tall monitor would be more useful to an artist or photographer who usually works in portrait mode,” Schneider said. “Video editors usually need widescreen monitors. But looking at how this dude set the setting in the photo, I noticed that some of them can be used … In short, he will not be the first on my list of desired monitors, but I am intrigued and want to know more. “

We will all have the opportunity to learn more at CES, the annual trade show hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. LG plans to provide more details at a tech conference in early January, including, I believe, the price. In the meantime, what do you think?


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