This App Will Tell Android Users If They Are Being Tracked by AirTag

Apple’s AirTags and Find My services can be useful for finding the things you are missing, but they also pose a big privacy issue. While those of us on iOS had some tools to deal with these issues, Apple left those of us on Android with little difficulty. The new Android search app AirTag finally solves some of these problems.

How AirTags Work

Apple launched AirTags in late April 2021 to track important items like keys or wallet. A small Bluetooth tracker lets you know its location on your iPhone, Mac or iPad. Similar systems have already existed through the likes of Tile, but AirTags has the advantage of using Apple’s Find My network.

The Find My network uses the passive use of hundreds of millions of Apple devices to broaden the scope of your search. This way, you can find lost items even if they’re too far away for traditional wireless tracking. Your lost AirTag might be out of Bluetooth range of your phone, but it might be close to another Apple device.

Why do you need an AirTag detector for Android?

Tracker Detect is designed to improve the security of the Find My network. Having such a wide tracking network for a tiny device that’s easy to miss can make it easier for someone to use AirTags to track someone.

People pointed out this vulnerability shortly after Apple announced AirTags. With over 113 million iPhones in the US, not to mention other Apple devices, Find My may be one of the widest tracking systems available. A device as small and easy to use as the AirTag on this network could make stalking easier than ever.

However, Apple has a built-in feature designed to prevent tracking. If your iPhone detects that you are being followed by a strange AirTag separated from its owner, it will send you an alert. If this AirTag is not found, it will start making sound 8-24 hours after it is separated from its owner.

However, Android users did not have this protection. That’s where Tracker Detect comes in; With this new Android AirTag app, you can scan an area to see if someone is tracking your location with an AirTag or other Find My accessory.

How to use Tracker Detect

If you are worried about people tracking you, download the Tracker Detect app from the Google Play Store . You don’t need an Apple account or any Apple devices to use it.

The app will not scan automatically, so you have to search for devices manually. To do this, open the application and click ” Scan” . Apple says it can take up to 15 minutes to find a detached AirTag from the owner. You can click Stop Scanning to end the search if you feel safe and if the app finds something it will flag it as Unknown AirTag .

Once the app detects the AirTag, you can play audio through the tag for ten minutes to help you find it. When you find the AirTag, you can scan it with an NFC reader to learn more about it.

Bring the top of the phone to the white side of the AirTag. A notification should appear shortly, which you can click on to see information such as the tag’s serial number . If the owner marked it as lost, you will see their phone number. The app will also give you instructions on how to remove the battery if you think someone might be tracking you.

If you think you are in danger, remove the battery and call law enforcement. Otherwise, you can return the lost AirTag to its owner.


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