DIY Projects Anyone Can Do to Improve Their Dog’s Life

Dogs are our companions, our friends and our helpers. They deserve the very best in life that we have to offer – which means they need to embrace their deep desire to spend time with us in the kitchen, make their food and water easily accessible (even in small spaces) and keep them safe and comfort. Here are some crafts you can do at home to give your dog a well-deserved upgrade.

Built-in dog bed

Many dogs love to be with us in the kitchen, but cooking under our feet can be challenging. Not to mention, the floor is uncomfortable. You can solve this dilemma by making a built-in bed. If you have a kitchen island, some low cabinets, or a pantry with low shelves, cut out a seating area so your dog can spend time with you in the kitchen without creating traffic jams.

Retractable feeding station

If you don’t have enough room for a bowl of food, the low drawer can be converted to accommodate one or two bowls – if the height and depth of the drawer are comfortable for your dog. You can do this yourself by tracing the top hole of your dog’s bowl on a piece of thin plywood, MDF, or a sturdy shelf the same size as your box, then cutting out the hole for the intestines with a jigsaw. To start cutting, drill a hole large enough for the saw blade to pass through. Then place the bowls in the drawer and slide the custom piece over them. This will prevent the bowls from slipping.

Ramps and non-slip surfaces

Pet ramps and ladders are great for aging dogs. Whether it walks into and out of the house or lifts it onto furniture, ramps can help a pet with hip or back problems to fully experience life and live their best canine life. When choosing a ramp or steps, keep your puppy’s weight and size in mind. The best ideas for ramps would include a rug or some kind of non-slip surface that does not exceed 25 degrees. For small dogs, 20 degrees is max.

Another way to make your home safer for pets is to stick non-slip tape to your basement or outdoor steps. Indoors, you can try a rug or stair treadmill if they are prone to slipping and slipping. Dogs obviously cannot use the handrail, so a little pull is essential here.

Watering station and food storage

If there is space, a watering station can be installed in the kitchen. They can make filling water bowls easier and provide easy access, eliminating the hassle of constant watering, especially if you have multiple pets. For this, it is important to choose a waterproof floor surface. You can install a faucet, but if you’re not ready for this level of upgrade, you can also use a pet fountain with a larger attached reservoir that will automatically refill when your pet drinks.

When storing food and treats, the dispenser system can make things easier. There are wall mounted types as well as freestanding versions that can work well in a pantry or countertop.


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