11 Best Christmas Plants That Aren’t Poinsettia

There are certain things in this world whose attraction is mysterious: Jake Paul. Caesar salads without anchovies. DUB STEP. The popularity of poinsettias at this time of year is almost as mysterious – their bright red and green color makes them absolutely ideal for the holidays, which explains why they are the most popular potted plant sold during the holidays – around 30 million. appear in merry houses every year. On the other hand, that distinctive color, coupled with the difficulty of keeping your picky, fragile poinsettias alive, also explains why about 29.9 million of them end up in the trash bin by January.

While the poisonous nature of poinsettia has been exaggerated, it is not entirely beneficial to your pets, which is another reason to look for an alternative. But the worst thing about poinsettia is their very basicity: They are the default holiday plant, and who wants the default? Do you want something unique and interesting? And maybe a plant that doesn’t require a PhD. gardening so it doesn’t turn into the brown ghost of Christmas?

The fact is that by law you are not required to have poinsettia in your house during the holidays, and other houseplants can be just as festive. If you’re thinking of changing your summer cottage houseplant game this year, here are ten alternative plants that are just as appealing as the classic poinsettia, but without some of its downsides.


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