Adult’s Guide to Childhood Culture: Why Does Reddit Hate Kellogg’s?

A week has passed in the world of children’s popular culture. I guess everyone’s too busy preparing for their final exams and holiday shopping to create memes or create dangerous “TikTok Challenges.” Nevertheless, the young people took the time to organize a massive work action on the network and cook giant hamburgers.

Internet Labor Activism: Reddit vs. Kellogg’s

This week, the anti-worker Reddit board found a reason to exist beyond complaining about bad bosses – it got involved in a labor dispute at Kellogg’s company. A strike at the company, which has lasted since October, ended badly for workers this week when the company said “fuck the negotiations” and said it would lay off 1,400 employees who had the audacity to ask for higher wages and benefits and hire others. people to replace them.

“Not so fast,” replied Reddit. A post on the site encouraged users to bombard Kellogg’s job board with statements and gave detailed instructions on how to act as legitimate job seekers. TikTok users have joined in a script that automatically generates apps , and others have posted instructions on how to create fake resumes to bypass filters. This worked too, at least a little. Kellogg’s job portal was out of service for most of the day. But now he’s back. I just sit and wait for you to get a job at the factory . The real test will come when the company’s human resources department starts recruiting new candidates. If everything is done correctly, there will be a lot of “no-shows” for interviews.

Sneakers with hypetegs

It looks like the sneaker culture has reached a major technological milestone. Hypetags are digital sneaker labels that are updated to reflect the current market value of your sneakers. The product is only half real. It really exists and works, but it is not for sale. It is the product of a genuine shoe trend to keep price tags on your sneakers. This video is from @lanewinfield, whose past spoof products include Shoom , a webcam for your shoes, complete with mini ring lights, and an antiquated toilet flush to wrap up Zoom calls. The unreal nature of the hypetag did not stop people from reacting angrily in the comments with cold phrases like “There is no better way to say that you are not superficial than letting everyone else know how much your shoes are worth” and “how to be robbed 101.”

TikTok’s “rare aesthetics”

I disappeared into a kind of rabbit hole in Tik Tok: “Rare aesthetics.” It’s kind of a generic tag, where many videos are designed to trigger small, unexpected moments in life, such as going to the movies in high school , driving to Newark airport, or when seniors like me say things like “ we were the first to use Facebook. There is also an interesting nostalgia for things that you think no one will fondly remember or even notice, such as this video comparing the cheapest and cheapest fixtures of 1990s apartments to their current counterparts, and this video that makes you yearn for Calabasas. before famous people moved here . It’s a kind of “I’m not sure I understand this, but maybe I understand” experience that either worries you or depressing, depending on your character.

Best TikTok Recipes of 2021

If you want extraordinary food, TikTok will help you. As part of the reporting year, the social media platform launched its most popular recipes of 2021 , and it’s an eclectic group of trendy dishes. The best food choices range from “probably delicious,” like the number one folded tortilla / quesadilla , to “I wouldn’t dare to eat this,” like this grilled cheese ball. , a dish that is sure to clog your arteries and colon. For the health fanatic, there are “ natural grains , berries, and coconut water blend that will clear your pipes and make you feel like you can run a marathon … according to its creator. There are some foods I’ll have to cook because I can’t decide if they’re disgusting or delicious, such as deep fryer pasta chips and pesto eggs . Yes, and since this is TikTok, there are also pure gimmicks like this giant burger. Great food is carefully crafted, folks.

Viral Video of the Week: We Lied to You

The scientific explanations from Kurzgesagt have to admit: they lied to you all this time. According to this week’s viral video “We Lied to You,” all scientific content aimed at the public is essentially lying to you. We are talking about the idea of ​​scientific communication and science education, as well as the impossibility of turning the complexity of scientific concepts into understandable and enjoyable content. This is a fascinating and important subject that raises existential questions about how we generally understand anything, and about the dangers of making people think they deeply understand something when they barely touch the surface. It’s important, it’s interesting, but it’s still fun to ponder, and it makes me happy to see such thought-provoking ideas circulate widely on YouTube.


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