12 Trader Joe’s Products Are Better Than the Brand’s Versions

I’m not a religious person at all, but I worship every second Sunday at Trader Joe’s church.

This beloved grocery chain (” somewhat silly place “) goes beyond allure, enticing you to think they are a kitschy, friendlier alternative to Whole Foods while copying many of the chain’s hallmarks: organic ingredients, quirky foods that mimic the kitchen. all over the world, and the general atmosphere is “not your grandma’s grocery store”, unless, of course, your grandmother was a hippie. (I didn’t; she was the definition of a small town schoolteacher from Wisconsin.) The point is, Trader Joe’s hardly sells anything else. While they do sell some of the big brands’ products, they are few and far between; almost everything they sell is either the original creation or the “Trader Joe” version of what you can find at, say, Target. What’s the matter? Sometimes the Trader Joe version is better. What follows is a dozen products that I only buy from Trader Joe’s, and I recommend that you do the same.


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