This Is the Most Rewarding Way to Encourage Yourself to Clean Your Home.

Six years ago, Chris Fleming released the sketch ” The Company Is Coming ” as part of his popular web series GAYLE . In it, the frantic Gail vacuums the air, spins around and shouts something like “David, put shells on the doorknobs!” “Beat the pillows, losers!” and “Can we get a lesbian plant out of here ??”

With over 13 million views on YouTube, it’s safe to say this clip is interesting (although it only shows a fraction of what Gail and Fleming have to offer). I have never vacuumed the air, but I am very motivated to clean my home if I know that someone other than me or my boyfriend will walk through the front door.

This does not mean that I only clean if people come, but the cleaning is different. Whether you live in a house, apartment, condominium, boat, or converted storage container, you must do some sort of cleaning regularly – virtually every day. Owning a home means your to-do list never ends, and it’s easy to get hung up on things like dirty baseboards that almost no one ever looks at. (Well. That’s not entirely true. My stepmother once praised me for the cleanliness of my skirting boards, and it ruined my life because then I made “clean skirting boards” a part of my personality.)

My point is that inviting a friend gives you an opportunity to focus. This gives you a purpose. You are suddenly inspired to make your space not perfect, but cozy and cozy. Common areas – hallway, kitchen and bathroom – become your priorities. Trash is taken out, clutter is cleaned from high-traffic areas, spills and sticky spots are wiped away, and the toilet is cleaned. You can even rub specks of dried toothpaste off your bathroom mirror.

If you are one of those people who are not motivated by your own comfort – do you even deserve an orderly living environment? – cleaning up for someone else can help you. Then, when your guest is gone, you may notice that your mood will noticeably improve if the living room becomes cleaner, and after that, you can see cleaning as an enjoyable activity that you can do for yourself. Even if most of cleaning a room is about carrying laundry into the bedroom, having one room that looks and looks good can encourage you to do the rest.

This strategy works best with new friends you are still trying to impress. It’s also helpful if you really enjoy spending time with this person, as a visit can be an added reward for all your hard work. (The main reward is cleaner space, which, let’s face it, is temporary.)


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