The 18 Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies (That Aren’t Die Hard)

Tired: My Favorite Christmas Movie is Die Hard .

Wired: “My favorite Christmas movie is Eyes Wide Shut.

You can be forgiven that the annual seasonal speculation about Die Hard status is now exhausting . What started out as a funny little thing turned into a “funny guy in the office” icy fever – there are even officially licensed branded merchandise dedicated to the film’s fair Christmas celebration! Any discussion on this topic at the moment is purely academic, and I think we are all ready to move on. The real question is: move on to what? Which movie, which is purely technically a holiday, will become the movie of choice “really …” the Internet exposes? Forgive me for suggesting that Die Hard might get old someday, but the day will surely come when we want to watch another so-called Christmas movie. Tastes and seasonal holidays vary, but there are 18 sensible alternatives.


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