Best Winter Gear According to Reddit

In theory, running in winter is easy: it’s a regular run with extra layers. But sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly the layers that you need. Luckily, a few cool editors came with their own recommendations to keep you in good spirits all winter long.

Before we get into the specific details, a rundown of 101-level winter running advice: here’s our guide on what to wear at each temperature , a few tips for running in the dark, and a little PSA to help you if you wheeze when you run. in the cold. , you may have a form of asthma in which case an inhaler may help you . Now let’s move on to the transfer.

Base layers

You will need to lay in layers, but don’t just think about what you can wear over your regular running clothes. When it comes to long lingerie, there is a world of options that most sporting goods stores call the “base coat.”

Merino wool is a popular proposition and I fully support it. (Before I had a tragic wool allergy, I loved the base coat of the LL Bean merino turtleneck and was eyeing the Smartwool version. I have a synthetic one these days.)

“I’m a fan of everything with fleece lining,” says u / magicbumblebee. Fleece-lined running tights, fleece-lined tops, fleece-lined quarter zips. (The quarter zip is the top with a zip around the neck.) They particularly like Under Armor, but have had a good experience with cheaper options from Amazon.

As you continue to lay the layers, u / AgentUpright makes another recommendation: “In addition to the gear already suggested, a windproof and waterproof vest on top of other layers is a great way to warm up your midsection without adding too much bulk or making you sweat. … I have the original version of this from Mountain Hardwear and I really like it. “


As a last resort, your regular running shoe is fine for winter running. But if you’re serious about running on ice and snow, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated pair with features like a grippy outsole, a waterproof upper, and extra room for a pair of thick wool socks. Winter shoes are generally more expensive than her summer shoes, but if they provide comfort to the feet, they may be worth it.

In this thread, u / Silent_Finance recommends the Nike Wildhorse for winter trail running and the Salomon Snowcross for real snow running.

Icebug is another brand that pops up in winter gear discussions, especially their NewRun model. Saucony Peregrine Ice + has also been recommended several times.

Gloves and mittens

The gear recommendation topic was started by a runner who was interested in heated gloves. Experienced people didn’t like this idea, they noticed that their hands tend to stay decently warm if they move and their insides are well insulated. As u / 812many wisely says, “If your hands are cold, wear a hat.”

Mittens are recommended more than gloves, as your fingers can warm each other if they are all in the same compartment together. The crowd was divided over whether convertible mittens are good – gloves that fold back down to function like fingerless gloves. Some people find them drafts; others love them.

The most important feature of hand covers is not so much that they are warm (although it helps), but that they are windproof. “I would rather run in lightweight windproof gloves than normal, heavily insulated gloves,” says u / AutomationBias. You can also add a lining to any glove that isn’t warm enough.

The glove and mitten recommendation has been varied, but several well-known brands include the PrimaLoft mitten, Cannondale windproof gloves, and the mountain mitten. And then there is Alaskan (u / AkHiker46) with a practical, inexpensive and versatile option: they use “a pair of old-school wool socks as gloves.”


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