How to Wash Party Stockings and Other Fabric Decorations

You may be the type of person who, at the end of each holiday season, launders all stockings and other holiday fabric decorations before putting them in a carefully sealed container so that everything is ready next year.

Or maybe by the time the first week of January rolls around (or when you take off your jewelry), you’re so tired and tired of looking at things that you toss your stockings, wood skirt, and pillows in a box and throw it into the attic.

If you’re in the second category, you may be picking up these holiday decorations right now and notice that they are a little dusty or dull. But don’t worry – most (if not all) of it can be washed. In an article for The Spruce, Mary Marlowe Leverett explains how to do this. Here’s what you need to know.

How to wash your holiday stockings

Stockings come in a wide variety of materials, which is why Leverette selects them according to the fabrics :

  • Velvet: Velvet stockings should be dry cleaned with a professional cleaner. If they are dented, never press down with the iron, otherwise you will be left with an iron sole stamp as a permanent decoration. Use steam to lift the fibers and a soft brush to make them silky smooth.
  • Needlepoint: Needlepoint stockings are beautiful and took a very long time for someone to create. To brighten the colors, vacuum them well with an upholstery brush. If they are stained, take them to a professional dry cleaner.
  • Cross stitch : Cross stitch is usually done on fabric that can be washed by hand. Be sure to test the threads for color fastness before proceeding.
  • Felt: Felt stockings should also be dry cleaned. Felt is prone to shrinkage and discoloration and should not be soaked in water. If the stocking has jewelry such as sequins or beads, any cleaning can ruin the design if the jewelry is pasted on. Proceed with caution. To remove dust, place the stocking in a mesh bag and submerge it in the dryer in unheated air mode.
  • Knit or crochet: These stockings are the easiest to clean. Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent, like a sweater. Rinse well – never squeeze out the water, otherwise the fabric will stretch. Dry and shape as desired.
  • Wool: Wool stockings can be hand washed in cool water or given to a professional cleaner. Dry on a flat surface and press down with a cloth if necessary.
  • Quilted: Quilted stockings should be hand washed in cool water to prevent color fading or bleeding. Rinse well and dry well.

Christmas tree skirts

Ideally, Leverett says , any stains on the skirt of the Christmas tree – the most common of which are dirt / dust, tree sap, animal urine, and water stains, Leverett says . But if it doesn’t, gently scrape off any hard / hardened stains (such as from candle wax) with the edge of a dull kitchen knife. After that, dampen the stain with cool water from a spray bottle and then blot with a clean white cloth, she explains. And as tempting as it looks, don’t rub the stain (it can damage the fabric).

Once this is done, if the fabric is washable, wash it according to the instructions. If it’s covered in beads, appliqu├ęs, sequins, or something similar, Leverett recommends taking it to the dry cleaner.

Party throws, blankets and pillows

For most of them, you can simply follow the cleaning instructions on the label – be it hand washing, inserting them into the machine, or dry cleaning. Check your decorative pillows to see if they have a removable cover, and if so, follow their directions.

If you have decorative pillows that are embroidered or embellished and don’t have a removable cover, Leverett recommends freshening them up by placing them in a mesh bag in a dryer in a cool place.


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