Two Bottles to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

I’m too dumb to understand “analytics”, but I suspect “what wine goes well with turkey?” this time of year is often searched on Google. Pinot and Beaujolais are popular options, but in my high opinion they are not the best bottles to bring for Thanksgiving or other seasonal gala dinner. This distinction belongs to champagne and amaro.

Interesting people bring amaro

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with pinot or Beaujolais (all wine is expensive), but most likely they are already on the guest list. Anyone can (and will) bring wine. Interesting people bring amaro. (We’ll get to those people who bring champagne soon.)

The amaro bottle is my favorite thing that I can take with me to any dinner. (If this opinion sounds familiar, it’s because I have shared it before .) This category of alcohol is broad and complex, but belongs to a class of Italian herbal liqueurs that range from syrupy and bittersweet to dry and invigorating. Their strength also varies greatly, from 16% to 40%. At the risk of questioning the point I have expressed elsewhere, here are five (5) compelling reasons why you should bring a bottle of amaro to your next holiday gathering:

  1. This will serve your host longer. Even if your host decides to share, the amaro bottle will be much smaller than the wine, which means you can enjoy your gift for much longer.
  2. This is the beginning of a conversation. If you think wine bottles are pretty, look at the amari labels. They tend to be more florid and, in the case of Cynar, have your guests asking questions like “Wait. Is that an artichoke ? “
  3. Calms the stomach. Cooking bittersweet amari really soothes a full and restless tummy. It’s like medicine, only more fun.
  4. It’s not that expensive. A bottle of amaro usually costs between $ 20 and $ 40, depending on where you live, which is the minimum price for a good bottle of wine.
  5. It makes you seem very sophisticated. If you really don’t know your wine, bringing a bottle might seem like a bit of a last minute. However, drinking a bottle of amaro makes you look super cool and worldly.

The soothing properties of the stomach are welcome at any dinner party, but absolutely essential after eating huge plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie.

Sexy, smart people bring champagne

Champagne is by far the most festive, festive, and funniest wine, but there are many practical reasons to serve it with a turkey dinner. Bringing a bottle of champagne means that you are not only a bitch who spills bottles, but also a bitch who understands the taste. To quote me (again): Champagne (or any sour sparkling wine) prolongs the party in the mouth with its cleansing power. It goes well with the whole dish:

… its sour, vibrant, effervescent nature makes it the perfect foil for salty and greasy foods that make up a good Thanksgiving menu. When in doubt, eat potato chips dipped in sour cream and wash them down with a sip of champagne. Your life will change forever. But even with the salt and fat aside, champagne isn’t bad with anything. Although dessert wines are supposed to be sweeter than the desserts they are served with, I ate champagne and quiche and loved it.

Of course, no one will be upset, disappointed or ungrateful if you show up with a bottle of chardonnay or pinot or a case of beer. No ethanol will be rejected at a party, but – if you view family gatherings and dinner parties as a competition – bringing a bottle or herbs, tricky amaro, or crispy champagne will certainly help you win Thanksgiving (by showing your SIL who was once in charge and for everyone).


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