Best Adele / Taylor Swift Breakup Songs

Although they are both still relatively young, Adele and Taylor Swift are long-standing icons of heart-breaking music, and with every artist releasing new tracks this month, I am in complete control of my emotions. I’ve already argued that you should hug this sad autumn girl (don’t be intimidated by the name; you can be a sad girl regardless of age, gender, or emotional state), and right now, you definitely feel like this is the damn season.

Today Swift unveiled Red (Taylor’s Version) , a re-recording of her famous 2012 self-titled album. One of the biggest regrets of my life is that I wasted so much precious teenage anxiety hating Taylor Swift instead of using her talents. A huge part of my newfound love for her stems from my desire to support the artist’s right to her own music; the re-recording project is Swift’s countermeasure against the takeover of her first six studio albums .

As for the energy ballad, Adele’s recently released “Easy on Me ” is included in the artist’s 30th album in six years. Adele said that the upcoming album touches on “the most turbulent period” of her life. (Since her last album, 25 years old , the artist has married and divorced).

But which of these titans of perfectly formulated kisses reigns supreme in our broken hearts? Why choose? Just mix the best of both. When it comes to the perfect breakup song, we all need something a little different depending on where we’re at – catharsis, nostalgia, longing, regret, or whatever tumultuous emotions that come with ending a relationship. (My position is that any song can be a breakup song if you’re sad enough). This mix covers all the basics.


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