25 Book-to-Film Adaptations to Look Forward to in 2022

As much as we love our screens – and we passionately love our screens – it’s good to remember that virtually everything you watch on those screens starts with a written word, whether it’s a script or, yes, a book.

These rectangular pieces of paper have long served as the basis for much of what hits our screens (both large and, these days, smaller and smaller, and in our homes), but especially since the proliferation of streaming platforms has turned publishing into a race between a group of companies with deep pockets in desperate need of intellectual property, the pipeline from book to film is almost exploding. Take next year for example – we were able to dig up details about 25 books that hit theaters and streaming in 2022, and that doesn’t even include material adapted into TV series / miniseries (we’ll cover those later a week) … Plan your book club meetings accordingly.


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