Top 25 True Crime Podcasts Ranging From Cozy to Unsettling

Podcasters haven’t invented the true crime genre (nor has Dateline , although it has been around for a lot longer), but podcasts have made crime a wildly popular obsession, freeing us from our TV fixation and allowing us to take killers on the road. with us. Some focus on the victims, others on suspicious defendants, and still others on gruesome details. They have become so popular that one of the most popular streaming shows ( Building Murders Only ) is dedicated to true crime podcast fans creating their own crime podcasts.

Is the genre often seen as exploitative – a real catharsis from crime, helping us explore and thus exorcise our own fears and demons? Or is it just a way to get bogged down in other people’s suffering at an imperceptible distance? In fact, this is a question that should be asked of any entertainment, but it is also not entirely fair: the real crime genre is wider than it deserves, and one of the earliest popular shows ( TV series ) focuses on potential judicial failures. Or they may receive education in crime, forensics, and society. These popular modules provide examples of all of this and more.


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