6 Companion Podcasts for the Succession Obsessed

Are you keeping up with the Roy family drama? If so, are you struggling with having to be patient before overeating while we wait for the weekly inheritance episodes to drop? Rather than wasting time watching the same episodes over and over again, I enjoy looking for additional voices and opinions about the show.

Whether you want to feel like you’re in the writers’ room, or want to understand the parallels between fictional Royas and their real-life influence, you need a podcast companion in your life. The strong companion podcast doesn’t just recap what we’ve just watched on screen, but actually dives deeply into what drives the show. This usually includes entertaining discussions with writers, actors, or, in the case of Legacy , money and media experts who can explain what is going right on the show (and what is wrong).

Personally, I hate hearing actors and crew members explaining the essence of bringing the story to life, so my favorite podcasts lean in that behind-the-scenes direction. Check out these podcast options to improve your eligibility experience. [Theme song: dun DUN–]


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