16 Settings That Will Make Facebook Less Evil (or at Least More Private)

Facebook has become so ubiquitous that it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how much data you accidentally share with a social network. The company continues to add pages after pages of preferences and settings, making it nearly impossible to keep track of who can see your messages and who can access your personal information. To get rid of the bullshit, we’ve methodically combed through the incredibly (intentionally?) Dumb Facebook settings pages to find the most appropriate ones that you can tweak right now to keep most of your personal information and habits a secret.

Before anyone in the comments points out that the only important setting is the one that deletes your account, this is not this post – this is this one (we were late anyway, someone already left this comment). No, we are committed to reducing the amount of information Facebook collects and giving you more control over the visibility of your posts. Even if you keep an eye on everything to the letter T, you can bet there are other ways the social network will follow you with its all-seeing eye. It is impossible to completely avoid being tracked by Facebook, but with these changes, you can be sure that your profile is not completely open.


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