Here Are All the Ways to Ping a Lost IPhone

Losing your iPhone is n’t fun. The thoughts immediately arise in my head: “Did I leave this at the restaurant?” “Has anyone stolen this?” “What can I do without Twitter?” Do not panic! Instead, close your eyes, take a deep breath … and ping it.

What does it mean to “ping” an iPhone

Depending on how involved you are with the iPhone and Apple products, you may or may not know the ping. No, we’re not talking about Apple’s failed attempt to turn iTunes into a social media platform (and yes, it did ). We’re talking about making your iPhone play a high-pitched tone no matter where it is.

I’m sure Pinging is responsible for bringing many iPhone owners back to their $ 1,000 lifeline for the rest of the world. It’s perfect for finding iPhones lost under couch cushions and car seats, and on the floor of a movie theater (just wait for the movie to end to ping your phone).

Ping is the preferred method for locating a missing iPhone in your immediate vicinity, because it doesn’t matter if the phone is silent or not. Calling to iPhone certainly works well if your audio is fully on, but without this ringtone turning on, your phone calls will be wasted.

In addition, we do not always have access to another phone to call us in such emergencies. If you’re not with a friend, or don’t have the nerve to ask a stranger to use one, you won’t be able to call your phone without a phone . So ping.

Apple makes it easy for ecosystem members to ping their iPhones. In fact, he offers three different methods for this. Check out all three below and pick one the next time your iPhone goes missing.

Test iPhone connectivity with Find My

Find My is not only suitable for testing the connection with the iPhone; since it tracks the location of many of your Apple products, you can probably see your phone on a map as well. Once you go to Find Me, you will be able to determine where the phone is, without having to ping it at all. However, if you already know that your iPhone is in your home, you just don’t know where , this is where ping comes in handy.

If you have an Apple device connected to the same Apple ID as your iPhone, you can launch Find My there. Otherwise, you can sign in to and select Find iPhone . Either way, select your iPhone from the list and click Play Sound to ping it. At first, your iPhone will just vibrate. However, after a few seconds, it will start playing high-pitched sound. This sound plays until your iPhone is found – or until you mute the sound using Find Me, so keep that in mind.

Test iPhone connectivity with Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it to test connectivity with your iPhone. Of course, it’s much faster to press a button on your watch than reach for Find My, so if you have one of Apple’s wearables, I recommend that you use it first.

You can check the connection with the iPhone in the Apple Watch Control Center. To access it, swipe up from the bottom of the watch face, then press the iPhone sound waves button. This will ping the iPhone, but only for a few seconds, unlike Find My’s infinite ping.

However, this Apple Watch button has a hidden function. If you hold it down instead of pressing it, your iPhone’s LED will flash as well. So, if its speaker is a little muted, you can also rely on the flash to locate your phone.


If you don’t have an Apple Watch, Siri is another quick way to find your lost iPhone (or whatever). Just fire up Siri on one of your connected Apple devices and ask it to find the device you’re looking for. For example, you can ask Siri on your Mac to ping your iPhone, or ask iPad to ping your Mac. This is a lesser known but still useful feature.


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