7 Ways to Use Annoying Green Tomatoes at the End of the Season

A green tomato in early November is a moral dilemma.

Do you leave it on the plant, praying that the rain will keep it long enough for it to mature? Heh, sucker.

Or are you a hardliner? This special type of grower chops down their tomatoes in August to prevent new ones from growing and give existing tomatoes the best chance of ripening, then plucking at the first sign of rain to make room for winter plantings.

And there are those who refuse to get rid of the ghost and hang tomatoes upside down to ripen, or wrap them in newspaper to keep in the refrigerator.

I have no room in the garden, no patience to keep these late flocks, no room in the house, no patience to let them ripen inside – but if there is something I hate, it wastes my garden, so I came up with several ways to use up the 50 pounds of green tomatoes that I get every year.


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