19 Extremely Simple Solutions for Your Father’s Latest Technical “emergency”

As my family’s in-house tech support center, I know that some family members can easily be overwhelmed when their electronics don’t do what they want them to do. Now sometimes their iCloud is a complete mess and doesn’t sync and no one can figure out why, or the computer throws strange errors without a clear explanation. These are legitimate problems that deserve an individual solution. This article is not about any of that. Sometimes the problem seems difficult only to those who are not familiar with all the functions of their device, and it is actually very simple to solve it. Fixing these issues can be very helpful, with the caveat that after you’ve done this a few times, you can expect everyone to turn to you for help in the future. Each. time.

The advice presented here is not gospel; you may find that my solution does not solve the specific problem of your father (or anyone else) – many technical problems have several potential causes, and perhaps the one I am delving into is not theirs. All I have to suggest is my experience, and in my experience, these common problems often have a simple solution. So instead of ignoring this insane call, solve this problem. Your father (or someone else) will love you for this.


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