What’s New in Paramount Plus November 2021

Jeremy Renner hopes November will be doubly positive. On Disney +, he will be the face of the next Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off, Hawk Guy Hawkeye, and on November 14, Paramount + launches Mayor of Kingstown , a 10-part crime thriller in which the Oscar-nominee plays the head of Michigan. crime family (I didn’t know they were in Michigan).

The talent shows that Paramount has business in mind, building its streamer as a prestigious television: Oscar winner Diane Wist plays the family’s matriarch with Game of Thrones ‘ Aiden Gillen and Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler. Oscar-nominated screenwriter Taylor Sheridan ( Sicario, Hell or Water ), co-creation with Hugh Dillon; The two also worked together on the Paramount hit Yellowstone .

In, er, less prestigious debuts, Paramount + will also host a streaming premiere of The Big Red Dog’s Clifford (November 10), which I (a parent of two small children who love a dog) have been dreading since early, a terrifying set of photos leaked a few years ago … After several delays due to the pandemic, the film will air the same day it hits theaters. And not to bury the ice, but the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery – undoubtedly the Paramount + series – kicks off on November 18th. with a new captain sitting in a big chair, and a new threat in the form of some kind of space anomaly. (Not always there.)

Here’s everything Paramount + arrives in November, conveniently categorized (because their PR people are kind enough to provide it in this format).

Paramount Plus Originals Coming November 2021

Arrival November 10

  • Clifford Big Red Dog – Paramount Movie Premiere

Arrival November 11

  • The game
  • Challenge: All Stars Season 2 Premiere

Arrival November 14.

  • Adele: one night only
  • Mayor of Kingstown , TV series premiere

Arrival November 18.

  • Star Trek: Discovery, Season 4 Premiere
  • Texas 6 Season 2 Premiere

Arrival 19 November

  • Knebworth Oasis 1996

Arrival on November 24.

  • Homecoming in the Real World: Los Angeles

Arrival on November 26.

  • Loud House Christmas

Series Coming To Paramount Plus November 2021

Arrival November 3rd

  • Uncomfortable (seasons 1-5)
  • Before I Forget (Season 1)
  • Black Ink Crew (Season 7)
  • Black Ink Crew Chicago (Season 5)
  • Love & Hip Hop Miami (Seasons 1-2)
  • Teen Mom (Season 8)

Arrival November 10

  • Air Britain (season 2)
  • Air Warriors (Season 8)
  • America’s Wild Frontier: Northern Exposure
  • My Super Sweet 16 (Seasons 1-2, 4-10)
  • Ocean super predators
  • Sacred Places (Season 2)
  • Tasmania: The Curious Life of the Quoll
  • Virus Hunt: COVID Cave
  • The wildest California
  • Wild Grizzly Yukon

Arrival November 17.

  • Love and Hip-Hop, Hollywood (Season 6)
  • Love & Lists (Season 1)
  • PAW Patrol Season 6
  • The Loud House (Season 4)

Movies Coming to Paramount Plus in November

Arrival November 1st

  • Leave
  • Addams family values
  • All the correct moves
  • Rise of the apaches
  • Beatrice at dinner
  • Black dynamite
  • Bounce
  • Breakin ‘2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Yuba County Breaking News
  • Buffalo Bill and the Indians
  • Candyman: Goodbye Flesh
  • China moon
  • Cutter’s Way
  • Dark Angel
  • Dock
  • Dr. Fiebes Rises Again!
  • Enter the ninja
  • Eye for an eye
  • Eye of the needle
  • Fargo
  • Flesh and bone
  • Friday the 13th Part II
  • Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning
  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Alive
  • Friday the 13th Part VII: New Blood
  • Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
  • Gone baby is gone
  • Hardball
  • How to lower the high cost of living
  • I escaped from Devil’s Island
  • In secret
  • Modern girls
  • Kate and Leopold
  • Once Upon a Time in the Wild West
  • Tang Ways
  • Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown
  • Real men
  • Resident Evil
  • Ninja revenge
  • Sahara
  • Lonely white woman
  • Insomnia in Seattle
  • Star Trek
  • Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • The texas chainsaw massacre 2
  • That you do!
  • Fifth Element
  • Fighter
  • Fly
  • General’s daughter
  • The Legend of Zorro
  • The street
  • Prestige
  • Quiet man
  • Shooter
  • Switch
  • Uninvited
  • Forest
  • Troll 2
  • True excerpt

8 november

  • The emperor
  • Pain and intensification

17 november

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows


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