How to Love Your Body This Winter

There is nothing less sexy than a giant hooded sweatshirt under a large coat, but this is the winter fashion for you. It’s easy to fall into seasonal funk when it’s cold outside, but you don’t have to fall into a round of insecurity at the same time. Your body is covered up and you might be inclined to treat it a little less affectionately than when you are at the top of your summer form, but you should love it anyway.

If your body changes in winter, don’t hate it

You may gain weight or fall behind your fitness routine as the weather gets colder and your body is less visible when you go out. Actually, that’s okay . You need periods of rest and relaxation. You are not determined by how you look, but if you feel like your body’s appearance is a reflection of who you are, remember that you look great anyway. Don’t let your brain poke fun at you during the bleak, dark months.

Your body helps you get through the cold, hard times, and more than we think. However, celebrate it all year round and whenever possible. Winter has a way to make us all a little sadder and more self-deprecating. Fight this urge. You’re doing great.

Revise your wardrobe … but stay warm

Again, you are not determined by how you look. However, if baggy warm clothes are frustrating or unkempt, why not do a little style makeover? You can be warm and fashionable.

One secret weapon for our more personable women is nice fleece-lined tights. They are cozier than regular tights, but allow you to wear dresses even in cooler weather than plain old elastic ones. They’re also cheap and ultra-comfortable, so even if you look more collected than your usual sweater and pants combination, you’re secretly comfortable – maybe even more comfortable . A cute silhouette haircut will give you strength and confidence, which is a must when the weather and the dark evening sky seem like they conspired to knock you down.

Add style to your outerwear. Instead of wearing this large, shapeless coat for the fifth year in a row, try something unique. Think about faux fur, fancy trimmings, belts, or fancy patterns. You will be thrilled at the prospect of being in the middle of the noise if you know you will look ferocious even in the snow.

The onset of winter does not mean that you have to succumb to boredom and tedious work. You can add a twist to your wardrobe while keeping warm, making yourself even more enjoyable .

Maintain your commitment to healthy habits

In the summer, you can be invited to a party or a beach day at any time, and the prospect of being challenged can keep you on your toes when it comes to maintaining healthy habits. In the winter, you have fewer opportunities to suddenly go out in the guise of a rock star – although they obviously still exist – so you may not find yourself eating a salad for lunch, say, because you know you are going to eat unhealthy food. in the evening at a friend’s birthday.

However, the point is, whether your healthy habits are aesthetically motivated or not, they are just as important in winter. First of all, remember Elle Woods’ famous phrase from Legally Blonde : “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t. “

I am not saying that you have to work to prevent yourself from hurting anyone, but I am saying this is no secret, winter is not a huge bummer. Exercise really gives you a boost of motivation and positive emotions; science proves it. Choosing a healthy lifestyle gives you strength and uplifts your mood.

Plus, we’re all familiar with the spring panic over the restoration of our summer body, whatever that means. Your body certainly doesn’t have to look a certain way by summer, but you’ll be less desperate to return to the shape you want to be in the warmer months if you maintain healthy habits in the colder months.

“It takes time to reach the desired level of fitness. Sometimes longer than spring, especially if you are doing it in a truly healthy way, ”said Karen Tickner, NCPT and Club Pilates Instructor. “Planning early will also help you form sustainable, healthy habits that will help you maintain your summer body as you reach it. Once you have these habits, looking great all year long is easy. ”

Kayleigh Crawford, Row House’s director of education, added: “I think it’s important to be aware that your body is your body, no matter what time of year you are. If you want to get what people call your “summer body” “I would recommend starting at least six months in advance. Now, if you want to preserve what people call your summer body, you are counting on year-round effort. “

Use this time to make the necessary changes

We talk about this all the time, but it’s important: you don’t have to change yourself if you don’t want to. That being said – again – sometimes you really want to, and winter is the perfect time to set and achieve your image goals. Think about it: when you are all wrapped up, no one will immediately notice if you are losing weight or even undergoing cosmetic enhancements. You can work on yourself so that no one asks curious questions.

We contacted Dr. Dmitry Schwarzburg, MD, of Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics to see if there are any treatments he recommends, especially during the colder months. There is a new FDA approved cellulite treatment that fits the bill. It’s an injectable drug called QWO, which he says follows “fibrous septa or fibrous bands that apply tension to the skin, representing the classic look of pits.” He added that this is great for winter because it can take two to three months to get results, and it can also develop severe bruising, and the magenta on the back is not ideal for the beach.

Why not pamper yourself with the self-confidence boost you’ve always dreamed of on cloudy winter days? There is no shame in cheering me up if you always remember that you are perfect the way you are.

Above all, know that you are a beauty and a superstar in your own right. No amount of baggy clothing or temporary departure from healthy habits will change this. You have a responsibility to work on your confidence and health, no matter how it looks to you, because it is brutal there, especially in winter.


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