How to Save up to $ 300 on a New MacBook Pro (and Other Apple Education Deals Anyone Can Get)

Apple’s new MacBook Pros are as intriguing as they are expensive; The 14-inch MacBook Pro starts at $ 1999, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $ 2,499. If the shock of the stickers made you refuse to buy one of these new Apple laptops, know that they are already on sale – you only need to shop at the right store.

Apple Education Store discounts new MacBook Pros

These all-new MacBook Pros with MagSafe, extra ports, and larger, brighter displays are available at a discount now from the Apple Education Store. If you’ve ever bought a Mac for school before, you may be familiar; Apple’s Education Discount is for students and teachers in grades K-12 and tertiary education. While every kindergarten deserves a discounted MacBook Pro, it makes you wonder; does education really end upon graduation? Aren’t we all studying life? I am learning at least a couple of new things myself every day on my Mac!

That’s why we’re of the opinion that if you promise to use your new MacBook Pro to watch educational YouTube documentaries, read engaging biographies through Apple Books, or occasionally skim Wikipedia, you’re in the education club. Come and get a discount.

How to use the Education Store when you’re not at school

The Apple Education Store doesn’t really require any proof to use; if you scroll all the way down, under Education you will see Store for K – 12 and Store for College . While the former will explain to you how to get a discounted Mac for your school, the latter will open the Education Store with all its various discounts. Once you click on the link, you are inside.

When it comes to the Education Store, the company has no standard interest rates; that doesn’t mean you get 10% off iPad or 15% off Mac. Instead, the company usually charges a specific dollar amount from its products. For a MacBook, this is traditionally $ 100. This is great for the new MacBook Air as you save 10% on the base model. However, once you start looking at more expensive computers, that $ 100 will become less and less as a percentage of the total. Still a good discount, but you feel less savings.

Big discounts on new MacBook Pros.

However, this year Apple appears to be tempting students to buy one of its new MacBook Pros; As mentioned, these computers have made headlines not only for their new features, but also for their expensive price tag. In an effort to gain additional business, Apple is doing more here than usual; The 14-inch MacBook Pro is $ 150 cheaper at the Education Store starting at $ 1,849, and the 16-inch MacBook Pro is $ 200 cheaper starting at $ 2,299.

These discounts also increase when you ditch the base models; The 14-inch M1 Max model costs $ 240 at the Education Store, and the 16-inch M1 Max model costs $ 300 . These are discounts that you are unlikely to see on these new machines until Apple starts selling them refurbished. But since anyone can access the Education Store, the MacBook Pro is actually cheaper than advertised.

Of course, it’s not just the MacBook Pro; most things you want to buy through Apple are discounted at the Education Store. You can take $ 50 off the 11-inch iPad Pro or $ 100 off the 12.9-inch iPad Pro; the base M1 iMac model is $ 50, and the 8-core GPU models are $ 100, so you can keep your learning curve up and running.


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